Top 5 Strategies for Christmas Decorating

The most wonderful time of year is here! Our Top 5 Strategies for Christmas Decorating are sure to put you in the mood to decorate! If your like me, you wait all year long to take out the decorations, pick out a tree and go to town decorating. (With music of course) If your in my house, it will most definitely end in a dance party, its just how it works.

Top 5 Strategies for Christmas Decorating

  1. Start by taking down all pictures, mirrors, wall hangings etc. that you will replace with decorations. If you go one by one, you won’t have as much motivation to get everything in place. Looking at empty walls is not pleasing to the eyes of your guests.
  2. I always put up my favorites first. This sets the tone for the rest of the time you will be decorating this season and always makes me smile. If you have kids, let them choose their favorites as well. It will become a tradition between the family to look forward to.
  3. Make your own decorations. This year I had a couple of ideas to incorporate, which took some time. I had to find the right ribbon to match, but in the end, I dressed up my kitchen windows exactly how I wanted!  Learn how to tie a perfect bow for your gifts this Christmas here.

4. When I am putting up the rest of my decorations, I like to sip on some homemade apple cider. The smell fills the room and is a treat for everyone.

5. Lights, Action, Camera! I know, that is jumbled. But now to finish off, lights go on the tree first, then you get to put on your ornaments. Our favorite new featured ornament of the year is shown below, and you can shop for it here!

Do you have any decorating traditions?