The Value of Keepsakes

The Value of Keepsakes


Keepsakes are treasured moments and special memories to be treasured forever. Keepsakes give our children preserved memories from the beginning of their life and on. As a grandparent, parent, family member or friend, you can help loved ones to paint a complete picture of their life.


My favorite keepsake from when I was little was my shoes. A long time ago, it was a trend to have them bronzed. Mine happen to be unique and come with a story attached. (Pardon the dust) As you see in the photo there is a little something extra attached to each shoe, a little jingle bell. I was the third child, and a quiet snooper. My mom was done chasing three kids around to find their whereabouts. She attached those jingle bells to make her life easier; but, as a toddler, it was hard for me to get away with anything. The jingle bells became one of the signature highlight talks at many family dinners for years to come. Later on when I became an aunt, my niece even gave me the nickname “Auntie Jingles” because my keys would chime every time I came to see her.


This memory has followed me around since I could walk, and I am so glad I can look back to see the start of it.  

As we move into the digital age, we are shying away from keeping physical objects of memories because it is so easy to snap a picture. Pictures can capture so many amazing moments we will spend with our bundles of joy. However, your child will never feel their first “onesie” or be able to show your child their first shoes. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a memento they can feel and pass on to their children.

Be creative!

What if there was a decorative way to store all these items? At Aimee J Keepsakes we have created a box to store all these precious moments. Place items in the box for baby to remember for years to come. As a parent, it is just as enjoyable to see your baby grow and remember all their first moments. It will renew the memories and bring a smile to your face to remember every moment with them.


The best part about our Aimee J Keepsake box is that it can be personalized. You can have their name, birthdate, and birth weight placed on the front or print out a picture of your cutie once you get your box! Just tell us what you want! The box is available in pink or blue and is a great addition to any nursery. Remember – these are great for gifts as well! It is such a sentimental time for a new mom. It is very easy to get caught up in the moment! Keepsake boxes make it easy to choose the memories you want to keep forever. Don’t forget, we love instagram! Show us using your box using #aimeejkeepsakes we would love to see how you decorate with it!