Scrapbook in the Summertime




Scrapbook in the Summertime? Who would have thought it was one of the best times?  Aimee J Keepsakes is here to help you remember every moment with our wide variety of scrapbooks, memory albums, keepsake scrapbook pages and more during the summer holidays!

Here’s our top reasons on why you should start this season.

1. Kids are out of school, and out in the yard.

Kids spend all year long cooped up in a school classroom, Summer is their chance to breakout.

Likely, they will be enjoying a sprinkler, at a summer camp or at grandmas. Use this time to set

up your scrapbooking station by a window (so you can still keep an eye on them) You will be

able to use this time to record what happened throughout the school year and on holidays. They

might even want to help and remind you of memories you have forgotten! Little brains have

awfully good memories. Now is a great time to put our School Days Pages to work! Customize them easily yourself with their grade, with room for pictures and memories to remember!

2. Less stress in the Summer.

The school year can be a stressful time. Getting everyone up to school, ballet or baseball,

dinner on the table, homework and bed time. Weekends are full of activities and family

gatherings (at least in this household) During the summer a lot of these extra circular activities

are on hold. That means you can spend your time scrapbooking about their first field trip and

what the loved on Christmas morning. With all the business of the holidays, its hard to find time

to sit down and piece together each childs scrapbook memories.

3. Kids want to relive their summer.

Remember all of your summer camp outs, movie nights and sleep overs? It just gives us that

warm, comforting feeling of good friends around us. Capture those moments for them and they

will cherish them forever. Summers live on in our minds, and to be able to see all of our

activities once more makes it even better. Give them those memories in a form they will be able

12x12 4th of July Keepsake Page

4th of July Scrapbook Page

to show their children!

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Fireworks, Food, Friends and Family. That’s right, what every 4th of July entails. Do you have

any pictures of those glorious memories? Well you should put our 4th of July Keepsake

scrapbook page to use when you Scrapbook in the Summertime!