Luxe Ecru Scrapbook Album


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Luxe Ecru Scrapbook Album

Our Luxe Ecru Scrapbook Album are made of exquisite, luxury paper and suede accented by a ribbon. ¬†Each scrapbook comes with 10 top-loading 12″ x 12″ page protectors (designed to hold 12×12 scrapbooking paper). These unique, efficient¬†scrapbook albums are 14″ x 13″ and post bound to allow flexibility to add additional scrapbooking pages and/or photo sleeves. In addition, we have added new features to these albums to build upon the classic Aimee J Keepsake look. These albums are a timeless piece to be cherished throughout the years.


*New Features*

4×6 Standard Photo

Silver Lining

Ribbon Enclosure


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