First Trimester

First Trimester

Yay! Your pregnant! Now what?! For a first time mom a million questions can all of a sudden be pounding on your brain. The good news is, you’ve got 10 months to figure it out. (If baby behaves and stays in the entire pregnancy.)

For my husband and I, we were lucky enough to get pregnant on the first shot. This is not the case with many couples now a days, but for the most part that put my mind at ease. As the doctor told me on the first appointment, “You’ve made it through the 2 of the 3 hardest parts for most couples already: conceiving and not miscarrying” At 10 weeks, knowing you have a strong heartbeat and no other signs of any issues (even though they can arise at any time) is reassuring for a FTM. I left the appointment so happy and still in shock that it was really happening how we had planned.


Here are some tips to get you through these first couple months that not many people tell you about.

  1. Allow yourself (and your partner if you have one) the time to really grasp this life changing event happening. Everything is about to change and there is no reason you HAVE to tell anyone at any specific time. Many couples feel the pressure right away and it is not a decision that anyone else can make for you. For us, we waited until we heard the heartbeat and the miscarriage rate went down to 1-2%. I did not want to get both families excited and then have to publicly go through heartbreak. For us, we do not like people consoling us, we do better healing ourselves. A miscarriage would be too much that early on for us to grieve with family.
  2. Set your boundaries early on. For every family, this is different. Go over some ground rules with your partner of situations that might arise. For example, baby sitting. Will one family be jealous the other gets more time with baby early on? Talk it over and solve these issues before they are brought up to family. It will help in the long run because you and your partner will be on the same page before anyone tries to corner you separately. (Yes, it can happen and no its not fun)
  3. Lastly, make a check list right away of fun things you want to do, just the two of you before baby comes! This time honestly flies by. I regret not making a list of a couple different things to do just for fun. We can of course do them as a family after, however, I saw that someone had done that and I wish I had been told about it! Through the long 10 months its nice to have things to look forward to. I was very active through the first trimester and I believe it really helps.

Going through the first trimester should be so exciting, don’t forget that. Even through the morning sickness, (just breathe, this too shall pass) find fun ways to be excited about your little bundle of joy on the way. I of course started by working on the baby memory book (gender neutral so I didn’t have to choose pink or blue) ¬†and planning baby’s nursery. I didn’t get very far the first trimester. Baby was a surprise and I decided to wait on decorating the nursery.