Celebrate Individuality

Celebrate Individuality – Celebrate Reading

Good Night Book

With millions of cute little two-year-old girls running around in pink tutu’s and cherry rain boots, your precious tot is more memorable. Across the globe three-year-old boys are 

PreSchool PageToddlers and Preschoolers find excitement in every new thing, and at their age everything is new! Nothing excites your tiny girl more than being able to spell her own name, or your son being able to find his name on a page. They love their name, it’s a part of them, their way of having letters on paper like a grown-up. In a world where children are growing up quickly and are desperate to be as big as older siblings, keep them your baby a little while longer with book time.


Bedtime brings a special time during a busy day when mom or dad are not busy with one of a million chores. They can enfold their child in their arms to snuggle up with a story. Books bring bold pictures, bright colors, and the promise of adventure. Bedtime is that magical moment when you get to disappear from your daily life with your favorite companion, your son or daughter. They point out every color, animal, and shape. Books open up their minds to learning and imagination.

The best part…

Children love to look at pictures of themselves, find their name, mark their spot in the world (which sadly might be on your kitchen wall with a sharpie). No part of their day can replace story time where mom cuddles them and reads a new or old book in fun voices. Let’s combine all three elements your little one loves, individuality, story time, and family time. Take a beautiful moment and make it sparkle with a little magic. Enjoy the magic of watching your child experience an adventure filled with their name, transforming their faces as their eyes round big from excitement.Dinosaur Egg Hunt
Keep your son or daughter’s excitement going with a bedtime tailored to their personality, their adventure stamped with their unique name. Celebrate reading, celebrate your child, celebrate their individuality. Imagine the magic of a beautiful evening curled up with your baby and an exciting new adventure.


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